3.17.1. Appearance

This group, shown by default when the Preferences dialog is opened, contains check boxes that enable you to modify the appearance of the application:

Show Tool Tips

Selecting this option turns on the display of all tool tips within the application. The default setting is on.

Display tool bar text labels

This option toggles the display of the status bar labels.

Word wrap in source windows

This option toggles wrapping long lines to display within the source window. If off, the scroll bar must be used to read or edit long lines.

Show splash screen on startup

This option enables you to toggle between showing the splash screen on startup. The default setting is on.

Reload recent layout on startup

This option reloads the layout settings that were used for the last modified project.

Recent files and directories

This option lets you set the maximum number of directories and files shown in System Canvas file dialogs and menus. You can display up to 32 directories and 16 files in your history.

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