3.17.5. Default Model Repository

Use this section to specify the Model Libraries that are added by default to new projects. See Figure 3.38.


The selected model repositories are added to a project when it is created. Changing the repository settings after a project has been created has no effect on the project.

The paths to the repositories are hard coded into the project_name.sgproj file. To change the repositories for an existing project, open the file and edit the path.

On Windows, the direction of the slash characters separating directories appears to be reversed in the GUI. You can enter slash characters in either direction but they get displayed as / in all cases. This does not affect operation.

Use environment variables, such as $(PVLIB_HOME), to enable the same project file to be used on different workstations.

Figure 3.38. Preferences dialog, Model Repository

Preferences dialog, Model Repository

The dialog has the following controls:


Click the Add button to open a file selection dialog shown in Figure 3.39 and add a new sgrepo repository file to the list. A repository file contains:

  • a list of components

  • the path to the LISA source for the component

  • a list of library objects for the components.

Figure 3.39. Add Model Repository File

Add Model Repository File

A repository file can also consist of lists of paths to other repository files. This enables a hierarchical repository structure.

Select a directory to add all of the repositories in that directory to the list of repositories searched for components.


Select a repository and click Remove to exclude the selected repository from new projects. The repository itself is not affected.

The default repository $(PVLIB_HOME)/etc/sglib.sgrepo cannot be deleted.


Select a repository and click Edit to edit the path to the selected repository.

The path to the default repository $(PVLIB_HOME)/etc/sglib.sgrepo cannot be edited.

File checkboxes

Check the box to automatically include the repository in all new projects. Uncheck the box to prevent automatically including the repository in new projects, but keep the path to the repository available for later use.


Use the Up and Down buttons to change the order of repositories. File processing is based on the repository order.

Default Repositories can also contain a set of default configuration settings for one or more configurations. The values of these settings are appended to the corresponding default configuration values for all new projects. This mechanism enables presetting configuration parameters that are required by all projects that use the specified default model library. The following settings are affected:


To enable using models from the Fast Model Portfolio in new projects immediately without being forced to add a default repository, the default entry $(PVLIB_HOME)/etc/sglib.sgrepo is present when System Canvas is started. This entry cannot be deleted. You can however uncheck the box next to the default path if you do not require the default repository in your new project.

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