4.3. Debugging from System Canvas

After you have built your model, it can be simulated and debugged with Model Debugger.

For more information on using Model Debugger, see the Model Debugger User Guide.


You can use RealView® Debugger instead of Model Debugger. See Using RealView Debugger

To use Model Debugger:

  1. If it has not already been configured, ensure that System Canvas can locate the executable for Model Debugger. See Configuring Model Debugger.

  2. Click the Debug button on the System Canvas toolbar to launch Model Debugger.

  3. The Model Debugger Configure Model Parameters dialog opens to show the parameters that you can configure. See Figure 4.3. Make any required changes, then click OK.


    The names of the panes in the dialog might be different to those shown in Figure 4.3, depending on the model you are using, but the purpose and usage is the same in all cases.

    Figure 4.3. Configure Model Parameters dialog

    Configure Model Parameters dialog

  4. The Model Debugger Select Targets dialog opens and displays the debuggable components that are available for connection to Model Debugger. See Figure 4.4.

    Select the targets to load by clicking the box next to it and clicking OK. One or more instances of Model Debugger are then created, depending on how many targets you selected to load.

    Figure 4.4. Select Targets dialog

    Select Targets dialog

  5. For each instance of Model Debugger connected to a core:

    1. Use the Load Application dialog shown in Figure 4.5 to specify the application to load for the core.


      If there is only one core in the model, the dialog is typically displayed after the target is selected. If the dialog is not automatically displayed, select Load Application Code from the File menu.

    2. Select the application code (.axf) to load for the core.

    3. Click Open to select the file and close the dialog.

    Figure 4.5. Load application for core

    Load application for core

  6. Click Run to start the simulation.

An example of a dual core system connected to two instances of Model Debugger is shown in Figure 4.6. One core is running ARM® embedded Linux, and the other is running the brot.axf example.

Figure 4.6. Dual core system running in Model Debugger

Dual core system running in Model Debugger

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