2.5. Connecting components

Connect the components:

  1. Switch connection mode by clicking the Connect button. You can also enter the connect mode by selecting Connect Ports Mode from the Edit menu.

  2. Move the mouse pointer around in the Block Diagram window:

    • If the mouse pointer is not over an object, the pointer changes to the invalid pointer. This is a circle with a diagonal line through it.

    • If the mouse pointer is over an object, the mouse pointer changes to the start connection pointer and the closest valid port is highlighted.

  3. Move the cursor so that it is over the Clock component and close to the clk_out port.

  4. Ensure that the clk_out port is highlighted and then press and hold the left mouse button down.

  5. Move the cursor over the clk_in port of the Divider component.

  6. Release the mouse button. A connection is made between the two ports.


    The application remains in connect mode after the connection is made.

  7. Continue connecting components until the system looks like the one shown in Figure 2.11. Some ports have been moved to non-default locations to improve clarity.

    Figure 2.11. Connected components

    Connected components


    Connections between the addressable bus ports are displayed with bold lines.

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