2.3. Creating a sample system

New projects are started by creating a project file.

  1. Select New Project from the File menu.

    You could also create a new system by clicking the New button on the toolbar.

  2. The New Project dialog is displayed, shown in Figure 2.4. Navigate to the directory to use for your project.

    Figure 2.4. New project dialog

    New project dialog

  3. Enter MyProject in the file name box and click the Select button. The dialog in Figure 2.5 is displayed for you to enter the name and location of the LISA file that represents your new system.

    Figure 2.5. Select Top Component LISA File dialog

    Select Top Component LISA File dialog

  4. Enter My_Top_Component.lisa in the file name box and click the Select button.


    The component name for the top component is, by default, set to the name of the LISA file.

  5. The Workspace area now contains a blank block diagram with scroll bars.

  6. The Component window, to the right of the Workspace area, lists all of the components that are contained in the specified default repositories. See Setting up the Fast Model Portfolio.

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