A.3.1. Running the brot application in Model Debugger

To load and run the brot.axf image in Model Debugger:

  1. Start Model Debugger and connect to the system model as described in Using Model Debugger to run a system model.

  2. Click the Open button on the main toolbar to open the Load Application dialog that enables you to select the application file to load.

  3. Browse to the location of the brot.axf image. Click Open to load the image to the target.

  4. Click the Open toolbar button again and browse to the location of the brot.c source file. Click Open to load the source into the Model Debugger source pane.

  5. Click in the source pane and place a breakpoint on the render function on line 154 of the source code.

  6. Press F5, or select Run from the Debug menu, until the CLCD window displays an image similar to that shown in Figure A.4.

    Figure A.4. CLCD window

    CLCD window

  7. Repeatedly press F5 and notice how the CLCD window changes.

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