A.3.2. Running the brot application in RealView Debugger

The brot.axf example application runs on all versions of the EB RTSM.

This demo application provides a simple demonstration of rendering an image to the CLCD display. Source code is supplied.

If you are using the Fast Model Portfolio, the examples are in the %PVLIB_HOME%\images directory.

In RVDS, the source code is available in the directory %ARMROOT%\Examples\4.0\nn\platform\mandelbrot, where nn is a version number.


These applications are provided for demonstration purposes only and are not supported by ARM. The number of examples or implementation details might change with different versions of the system model.

It might be necessary to build the brot.axf image before loading the application. Instructions and build scripts are in %ARMROOT%\Examples\4.0\nn\platform\mandelbrot, where nn is a version number.

To load and run the brot.axf image in RealView Debugger:

  1. Start RealView Debugger and connect to the system model as described in Using RealView Debugger to run a system model.

  2. Select Load Image from the Target menu. The Select Local Files to Load dialog is displayed.

  3. Browse to the location of brot.axf, Select it and click Open.

  4. Select the brot.c tab in the RealView Debugger main window and place a breakpoint on the render function, as shown in Figure A.5.

    Figure A.5. Breakpoint in brot.c

    Breakpoint in brot.c

  5. Press F5, or select Run from the Debug menu, until the CLCD window is displayed as shown in Figure A.4.

  6. Repeatedly press F5 and observe the changes in the CLCD window.

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