2.4.1. Adding the ARM processor

Drag-and-drop the ARM® processor component from the Component window onto the Workspace window:

  1. If it is not already visible, click the Block Diagram tab in the Workspace window. This displays a blank window with grid points.

  2. Select the Components tab in the Components window to display the components that are contained in the Fast Model Repository.

  3. Move the mouse pointer over the ARMCortexA8CT processor component in the Component window and press and hold the left mouse button.

  4. Drag the component over to the middle of the Workspace window.


    If you move the component in the Workspace window, the component automatically snaps to the grid points.

  5. Release the left mouse button when the component is in the desired location.

    The component shown in Figure 2.6 is added to the current system.

    Figure 2.6. ARMCortexA8CT core component in the Block Diagram window

    ARMCortexA8CT core component in the Block Diagram window

  6. The system name in the title bar now contains an asterisk (*) next to the name to indicate that the LISA file has been modified but not yet saved. You can save the file at any time by selecting File → Save File or using Ctrl+S.

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