2.4.7. Using port arrays

This section demonstrates how to expand and collapse port arrays using the PL340 component.

  1. Right click on one of the axi_if_in ports in the PL340 component. This opens a context menu as shown in Figure 2.9. Select Collapse Port to reduce the port array to a single visible item in the component.

    Figure 2.9. Port context menu

    Port context menu

  2. Select the PL340 component and then select Object Properties from the Object menu.

  3. Select the Ports tab in the Component Instance Properties dialog.

  4. The axi_if_in port is a port array as indicated by the + beside the port name. Click on the + to expand the port tree view.

  5. Deselect the checkboxes beside axi_if_in[2] and axi_if_in[3]. This hides the chosen array ports so that expanding the port array still does not display them. Click OK to close the dialog. You could also hide a port by using the port context menu and selecting Hide Port.

  6. Right click on the axi_if_in port in the PL340 component and this time select Expand Port from the port context menu. Only the axi_if_in[0] and axi_if_in[1] ports are shown.

  7. To redisplay the axi_if_in[2] and axi_if_in[3] ports, you can either:

    • use the port context menu shown in Figure 2.9 and select Show All Ports

      repeat step 5 and select the checkboxes next to the hidden ports.


    Ports with more than eight items are shown collapsed by default.

    An alternative sequence of steps to expand the port is:

    1. Display the Component Instance Properties dialog

    2. Select the Ports tab

    3. Click on the + next to the port array to expand the port tree view

    4. Select the Show as Expanded radio button.

  8. After you have completed this section of the tutorial, select the PL340 component and delete it from your system. It is no required for the remainder of the tutorial.

Rearrange the components so that your system looks similar to the one shown in Figure 2.10.

Figure 2.10. Example system with added components

Example system with added components

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