3.18.1. Project top-level settings

The top part of the dialog enables you to configure project build options:

Top level component

The Top Level Component defines the root component of the system. Each component in a system can be set as the top component to build models from functional sub-blocks of a system.

The top level component can be set in the Project Settings Dialog by one of the following methods:

  • Enter the name into the Top Level Component edit box

  • Click Use Current to use the component currently selected in the workspace as the top component

  • Click Select From List to open a dialog and select any component present in the system.


The Configuration control enables you to set parameters for the different configurations:

  • Selecting an entry listed in Configuration drop-down list to use one of the existing configurations.

  • Click Add New to create and new configuration.

    A dialog prompts for the name of the new configuration and an optional description. You can use the Copy values from button to select a configuration to copy the values from. This can be one of the existing configurations or a default set of configuration settings.

  • Click Delete to delete the currently selected configuration from the list of available configurations.

The value defaults to the currently selected active configuration.

Selecting a configuration in this dialog does not set the configuration displayed in the Select Active Project Configuration drop-down box on the main window. The configuration set in this dialog is stored in the project file and is used if the system is rebuilt with the specified configuration. You can use this control to specify the options for all of the configurations that you use for a project and simplify switching from one active configuration to another.


If you are building your system on Windows, you must ensure that anyone else using your model system has the appropriate additional support libraries installed on their computer, otherwise the system fails to run:

  • For a debug build, the appropriate version of Microsoft Visual Studio.

  • For a release build, the appropriate version of the Microsoft Visual Studio redistributable package.

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