4.4.3. Debugging with Visual Studio

Use Microsoft Visual Studio to perform LISA+ source level debugging on Windows. ARM recommends that you generate the system and launch Microsoft Visual Studio from Canvas:

To perform host-level debugging, attach Visual Studio to a running Model Debugger process:

  1. Start System Canvas and load the project for your model.

  2. If you have not already done so, build a Debug version of your system by selecting one of the Win32-Debug-VC200x options in the Select Active Project Configuration menu and rebuilding your model.

  3. Click the Debug button or pressing F5 to launch Visual Studio from Canvas.

  4. Model Debugger starts and the Configure Model Parameters dialog is displayed.

  5. Configure any parameters required for the target and click OK.

  6. The Select Targets dialog opens. The ARM processor is selected by default. Select the additional targets, if any, to load into Model Debugger. A separate Model Debugger window is created for each target. Click OK to close the target selection dialog.

  7. Load the applications to the targets that executes software:

    • If there is one target selected, a Model Debugger prompt for the application is displayed.

    • If more then one target was selected, load the application to the targets in each debug view separately by selecting Load Application from the File menu.

  8. Start Visual Studio.

  9. In Visual Studio, select Tools → Attach to Process.... Select the ModelDebugger.exe process in the Attach to Process dialog. Click the Attach button. It might be necessary to close additional dialogs before you can proceed.

  10. Visual Studio is now attached to Model Debugger and can control the entire host level simulation.

Example Visual Studio LISA debug session

This section describes a typical example of debugging a system model on the source code level and setting and running to a breakpoint in the LISA source.

  1. In Visual Studio, select File → Open → File... to open the LISA source file to debug.

  2. Set a breakpoint in the LISA source by double clicking on a source line.

  3. In Model Debugger, click the Run button to start execution. When the breakpoint is reached, use Visual Studio to perform host-level debugging of the LISA+ source code.

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