5.6.5. Debug control functions

This section describes the function used to specify debug mode.


Use this function to specify whether to start the simulation of the exported Fast Models system in debug mode or not. If the simulation is started in debug mode, the Fast Models system enables setting up a debugging session by launching a CADI debug server. This server allows connections with debuggers like Model Debugger to debug the source code of the applications loaded and executed by the Fast Models system CPU. The format is:

void set_debug(bool debug = true, bool start_simulation = false)



Set to true to specify that the simulation starts in debug mode. If set to false, debuggers cannot connect to the simulation.


This parameter determines if the simulation starts running after the debug server is launched. If start_simulation is set to false, the default if debug mode is enabled, the debug server blocks the simulation from running and waits for debugger execution control commands to run the simulation.


If the system is set up in non-debug mode, the simulation starts running by default.

Calling set_debug_mode() after sc_start() is ignored.

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