5.6.6. Accessing the CADI interface directly

There are two ways to access the CADI interface of the exported virtual platform (EVP):

The direct connection to the CADI Interface of the EVP is provided through a global symbol of the exported platform:

extern "C"{ CADI_WEXP eslapi::CADIBroker * CreateCADIBroker(); }

This enables getting the CADIBroker. The CADIBroker enables querying all CADIInterfaces that are maintained by the simulation.


The following header files must be included to access the CADIBroker:

"#include "eslapi/CADIFactory.h"
"#include "eslapi/CADI.h"
"#include "sc_sg_wrapper_<platform_name>.h"

For the include sc_sg_wrapper_<platform_name>, the term <platform_name> must be changed to the name of the exported virtual platform (EVP). This include file is generated into a subdirectory of the actual build path.

Accessing CADIBroker

An instance of the CADIBroker can be initialized by:

eslapi::CAInterface *ca_interface = CreateCADIBroker();

See the CADI documentation for more information on using the CADIBroker.

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