5.8.6. Debug accesses

AMBA-PV offers two functions based on the TLM 2.0 base protocol to generate debug accesses:

There is important limitation if such debug transactions are initiated from a SystemC master port to an EVP slave port such as shown in Figure 5.18.

Figure 5.18. Debug accesses from a SystemC component

Debug transactions from a SystemC component (for Figure 5.18, DMA) can access debug_read() and debug_write() functions on the respective bus bridge (ARMBAPV2PVBus). However, the transactions that are generated on the bus connection are only standard non-debug transactions. Because the attached component can not distinguish between a non-debug and a debug transaction, it is assumed to be a normal transaction.

This limitation will be removed in a future release.


Debug accesses that are initiated by a master port in the EVP are correctly translated to debug accesses in the AMBAPV bridge (PVBus2AMBAPV).

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