6.1.1. Create a new LISA file

The new component is defined in a LISA source file:

  1. Open the DualCoreSystem project.

    Click on the New button to create an empty LISA file.

  2. Navigate to the directory for the new file. For example:

  3. Enter a file name for the component. For example:


    Click Select to set the file name.

  4. The Workspace window shows an empty block diagram with the label SerialCharDoubler?*. The question mark indicated that the file is not part of the current system. The asterisk means that the file has not yet been saved.

  5. Click the Save button or select Save File from the File menu.

  6. Select Add Current File from the Project menu.

  7. Click the Files tab of the Component window.

    The list now includes SerialCharDoubler.lisa as part of the project file DualCoreSystem.lisa. The question mark and asterisk in the title are no longer present.

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