This book is organized into the following chapters:

Chapter 1 Introduction

Read this chapter for an introduction to Fast Model Tools.

Chapter 2 Getting Started

Read this chapter for a step by step tutorial on using Fast Model Tools.

Chapter 3 System Canvas Reference

This chapter provides the reference for the System Canvas menus, icons, and dialogs.

Chapter 4 Debugging

This chapter describes how to debug component and system designs.

Chapter 5 SystemC Export

This chapter describes how to export a Fast Models system as a SystemC component.

Chapter 6 Creating a New Component

This chapter describes how to use the LISA+ language to create a new component.

Appendix A Building and Running the EB RTSM Example System

This appendix describes how to build and run the supplied Emulation Baseboard RTSM model.

Appendix B Red Hat Linux Dependencies

This appendix dependencies for Fast Models installations on Red Hat Linux.

Appendix C Building System Models in Batch Mode

This appendix lists the command-line options for simgen, the simulation generator.


Read the Glossary for definitions of terms used in this book.

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