5.2.3. Adding header files and libraries for Linux export

This section describes additional header files and libraries that are required for the SystemC export on Linux. This is splitted into headers and libraries that are required at build time and those that are required for packaging.

Header Files and libraries to build the EVS on Linux

The exported component requires specific header files and libraries:

  • the header file $MAXCORE_HOME/include/sc_sg_wrapper_base.h

  • all header files mentioned in all include sections of the protocols for the ports in the top level component, for example amba_pv.h

  • SystemC header files from $SYSTEMC_HOME/include

  • OSCI TLM header files from $TLM_HOME/include/tlm

  • AMBA-PV header files from $MAXCORE_HOME/AMBA-PV/include if AMBA-PV ports are used

  • $MAXCORE_HOME/lib/Linux_GCC-3.4/libsc_sg_export.a

  • SystemC library from $SYSTEMC_HOME/lib/Linux_GCC-3.4/libsystemc.a

  • Additional libraries required for Linux: -ldl -lpthread

Libraries to package the EVS on Linux

See Packaging the model for use on Linux for more details on how to package the EVS.


The SYSTEMC_HOME and TLM_HOME environment variables are set when the Third Party IP package (TPIP) is installed. This package is available as a seperate download from the same location where the Fast Models package is taken from.This package also contains the SystemC and TLM header files and libraries.

Depending on the example, additional libraries may be necessary (e.g. the Linux example requires the SDL library). Such libraries are searched in the same directory where the EVS is built.

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