3.5.4. Running the ARM profiler with Dhrystone example

The following command executes the dhrystone EVS with the ARM Profiler. To run this example, make sure you have built the Dhrystone EVS. Replace armprocapwith the fully qualified path to armprocap in your installation.

Example 3.1. Running ARM Profiler with Dhrystone EVS

armprocap --models --output test --create_connection_script myscript.sh --load $PVLIB_HOME/dhrystone.axf

source ./myscript.sh

./Dhrystone.x $PVLIB_HOME/dhrystone.axf

While running the simulation armprocap prints messages similar to the following:

Loading symbols from dhrystone.axf...Finished loading symbols.Transferring target imageEnabled streaming trace.ARM Profiler (Build: Jun 24 2009, 01:00:06)Writing ARM Profiler analysis file to 'test.apd'.Please wait.Done. (0.2 seconds)Disconnect...

This generates a folder called test.apd which can be loaded into the ARM Profiler as follows:

  1. Open ARM Workbench IDE 4.0

  2. If the ARM Profiler Data tab is not already displayed, go to: Window → Show View → Other → ARM Profiler → ARM Profiler Data

  3. In the ARM Profiler Data tab, click on the Folder icon at the top right-hand side. It has the tooltip Edit locations. Add the directory containing your Profiling directory.

  4. Your Profiling directory displays in the list below.

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