5.2.1. Installing SystemC and TLM files

To build an EVS (SystemC Export) from the Fast Models platform, SystemC and TLM header files and libraries are required. This can be either done by installing the Third Party IP (TPIP) package which is available as a separate download package from the same location as the Fast Models package or using already installed packages on your site.

The Third Party IP package contains binary releases of the SystemC and TLM packages and patch files. The patch files document the required changes to the SystemC and TLM packages available from the OSCI website. The SystemC binary packages is link compatible with the OSCI download version.


The Fast Models SystemC examples rely on a certain directory structure for libraries and header files. This is different from the package that can be obtained from the OSCI website because Fast Models supports a wider range of compilers than the OSCI package. If the original OSCI package is be used in conjunction with the Fast Models SystemC examples, a set of patch files is required that is applied to the package which adjusts the directory names. To re-build the packages follow the instructions from the README.txt file avaliable in the <TPIP>/OSCI/ source directory.

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