5.5.8. Linux Example

The Linux example shown in Figure 5.8 is based on the Cortex A8 EB platform. This variant of the system provides sufficient resource to run the operating system and a simple example application. The SystemC side contains a simple CPTimers model. The Cortex-A8 component runs a Linux image.

The project file is $PVLIB_HOME/examples/SystemCExport/LinuxSystem/Build/LinuxSystem.sgproj

Figure 5.8 shows the LinuxSystem with the bridges between Fast Models and SystemC. The rate_hz_X 64 integer value bridges allow to configure the SystemC based timer module for dynamic clock configuration. The int_X integer brige transmits the interrupt source signals for the core. The amba_pv_m bridge connects to the peripheral memory mapped registers of the timer component.

Figure 5.8. Linux example

Linux example

Building the LinuxSystem example

See Building Example systems for how to build the example. Use LinuxSystem.sgproj as the name for the project file.

Running the LinuxSystem example

See Running the Example system or Running the examples with debug support for more instructions on how to run the example system.


The Linux image which must be loaded onto the simulation executable is part of the TPIP package. The location is <FastModelPortfolio>/images/eba8-rtsm_armv5t-min_config-2.6.28-arm1-realview-v7-ethDCC-profiler.axf and is automatically used if the example is started from SGCanvas or using the provided scripts in the Build directory.

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