5.5.9. Protocols example

The Protocols example, shown in Figure 5.9, uses the AMBA-PV Signal and SignalState protocols and associated components provided with the Fast Model Portfolio. The example tests these two protocols. The AMBA-PV API on the SystemC side is provided by Fast Models.

The Fast Models system contains the following components:

The SystemC side contains a simple component model with associated master ports and slave exports.

The ARM1176 component runs NOPs if no application is loaded. The simple component in the example performs various state transfers.


The Protocols example does not include support for debugging. The only purpose for this example is illustrating the use of additional protocols and corresponding bridges.

The project file is $PVLIB_HOME/examples/SystemCExport/Protocols/Build/Protocols.sgproj.

Figure 5.9. Protocols example

Protocols example

Building the Protocols example

See Building Example systems for how to build the example. Use Protocols.sgproj as the name for the project file.

Running the Protocols example

See Running the Example system or Running the examples with debug support for more instructions on how to run the example system.

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