2.13.1. Setting-up a network connection

To set up the network connection:

  1. Ensure that you have installed the brctl utility on your system.


    This utility is included in the installation package, but you are recommended to use the standard Linux bridge utilities, which are included in the Linux distribution.

  2. In a shell, change to the FastModelPortfolio directory of your Fast Models installation. For example, cd /FastModelPortfolio_X.Y/ModelNetworking

  3. You must run the following scripts from the directory in which they are installed, because they do not work correctly if run from any other location:

    • for a 32-bit operating system, run add_adapter_32.sh as root. For example, sudo ./add_adapter_32.sh

    • for a 64-bit operating system, run add_adapter_64.sh as root. For example, sudo ./add_adapter_64.sh

  4. At the prompt Please specify the TAP device prefix:(ARM), select Enter to accept the default.

  5. At the prompt Please specify the user list, type a space-separated list of all users who are to use the model on the network, then select Enter. All entries in the list must be the names of existing user accounts on the host.

  6. At the prompt Please enter the network adapter which connect to the network:(eth0), select Enter to accept the default, or input the name of a network adapter that connects to your network.

  7. At the prompt Please enter a name for the network bridge that will be created:(armbr0), select Enter to accept the default, or input a name for the network bridge. You must not have an existing network interface on your system with the selected name.

  8. At the prompt Please enter the location where the init script should be written:(/etc/init.d/FMNetwork), select Enter to accept the default, or input another path with a new filename in an existing directory.

  9. At the prompt WARNING: The script will create a bridge which includes the local network adapter and tap devices. You may suffer temporary network loss. Do you want to proceed? (Yes or No), check all values input so far, and type Yes if you wish to proceed. If you type No, no changes are made to your system.

  10. At the prompt that informs you of the changes that the script is to make to your system, input Yes if you are happy to accept these changes, or input No to leave your system unchanged.


    After entering Yes, you might temporarily lose network connectivity. Also, the IP address of the system might change.

  11. The network bridge is disabled after the host system is reset. If you want the host system to be configured to support FVP bridged networking, you might have to create links to the init script (FMNetwork) in appropriate directories on your system. The script suggests some appropriate links for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.


You only have to perform this procedure once, at the beginning.

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