2.11.2 Overloading the main() function in the target

How to replace the default main() of the ISIM with a user-supplied main().


If you use the option USER_DEFINED_ISIM_MAIN and a user-supplied main(), you cannot build a CADI shared library from the project. If a CADI shared library is required:
  • Add a new configuration for isim_system that defines USER_DEFINED_MAIN.
  • Add an #ifdef USER_DEFINED_MAIN test block around the main() in the user source file.


  1. Define the USER_DEFINED_ISIM_MAIN preprocessor option for compiler with the Project Settings dialog.
    Figure 2-23 Specifying user-defined main() option
    Specifying user-defined main() option

  2. Supply a C++ file or a library with user-defined main() function.
    A fragment of the standard IsimMain.cpp file:
    #ifdef USER_DEFINED_ISIM_MAIN    // opposite logic to standard IsimMain.cpp
    #include "SimGenTplMacros.h"
    // function that performs command line parsing
    // CADI system initialization and run
    extern int LoadInitAndRunCADIModel(int argc, char *argv[],
                                       const char* topComponent,
                                       const char* pvLibVersion);
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
        return LoadInitAndRunCADIModel(argc, argv, SIMGEN_TOP_COMPONENT,
    #endif // #ifdef  USER_DEFINED_ISIM_MAIN
    You might define the USER_DEFINED_ISIM_MAIN preprocessor option, for example, so that you can implement processing of your own command line options but must, after filtering out all user-defined switches, pass the remaining options to the Model Shell entry function LoadInitAndRunCADIModel().
  3. Add the new source file containing the custom main() to the project.
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