3.4.1 Generating a debuggable model

How to build a model library suitable for CADI-compliant debuggers.


  1. Start System Canvas and load the project for the model.
  2. In the Select Active Project Configuration drop-down menu, select a valid debug configuration for the build environment. For example, on Microsoft Windows, using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, this is Win32-Debug-VC2010 or Win64-Debug-VC2010.
  3. Click the Build button to build a debug version of the model.
The generated simulation code is annotated with line redirections to the corresponding LISA+ code. This enables the debugging of a LISA+ model with GDB or Microsoft Visual Studio.
You can start the model:
  • Directly, in the debugger. This method is easier for an ISIM system. It is especially useful if the user provided a new implementation of main().
  • Indirectly, dynamically connecting to a running simulation process.
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