4.13 Label Properties dialog

This dialog controls the text and display properties for a label.

Double-click on a label to display the dialog. Select Add Label from the Object menu to add a label to the component.
Figure 4-27 Label Properties dialog
Label Properties dialog

Specify the text to display on the label.
The text font. Click Select Font... to change it.
Select Text Color...
Click to select a color for the text.
Select Background Color...
Click to select the background color for the label.
Check Transparent Background
Check to make objects behind the label visible, and to ignore the background color setting.
Set the horizontal justification for the label text.
Set the vertical justification for the label text.
Set the orientation for the label.
Frame Thickness
Set the thickness of the label border.
Shadow Thickness
Set the thickness of the label drop shadow.
Display on Top
Check to display the label on top of any components below it.
Use these settings as default
Check to use the current settings as the default settings for any new labels.
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