4.18.2 Preferences - Applications group

This group sets the application paths.

Figure 4-34 Preferences dialog, Applications group
Preferences dialog, Applications group


  • On Microsoft Windows, environment variables appear as $MAXxxxx_HOME. You can use this format instead of %MAXxxxx_HOME%.
  • The different path specifications enable the use of different versions of Model Debugger and provide more flexibility for installing Model Debugger separately from System Canvas.
Simulator Generator Executable
Set the path to the simgen.exe file.
Command arguments
Set additional command line options.
Model Debugger Executable
Model Debugger
Set the path to the Model Debugger executable.
Command arguments
Set additional command line options.
Model Shell Executable
Model Shell
Set the path to the Model Shell executable.
Command arguments
Set additional command line options.
Run Model Shell asynchronously with output to console in separate window
Check to enable the starting of a separate Model Shell instance with its own output window.


To start simulation, select the Run in Model Shell entry on the Projects menu.
Path to Microsoft Visual Studio application ‘devenv.com’
Select the path to the Microsoft Visual Studio devenv.com file. This application is the development environment and builds the model.
Reset to Defaults
Click to reset the application paths.
Click to save the changes.


Under Linux, select the GCC C++ compiler that builds the model with the SimGen command-line option --gcc-path.
Figure 4-35 Preferences, Applications for Linux
Preferences, Applications for Linux

Run Model Shell asynchronously
Check to use the command line:
xterm -e <Model Shell Executable> optional_command_arguments_list -m model.so
Host Debugger Command Line
Set command-line options. The default text is:
xterm -e gdb --args %ISIM%
where %ISIM% is a placeholder for the isim_system executable file.
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