4.18.5 Preferences - Default Model Repository group

This group sets the default model libraries for new projects.


To enable the immediate use of models in new projects, System Canvas has a default entry $(PVLIB_HOME)/etc/sglib.sgrepo. This entry is not deletable, but clearing the checkbox deactivates it.
Figure 4-38 Preferences dialog, Model Repository
Preferences dialog, Model Repository

Click Add to open a file selection dialog and add a new .sgrepo repository file to the list.
Figure 4-39 Add Model Repository File
Add Model Repository File

Select a directory to add all of the repositories in that directory to the list of repositories.
Edit Path
Select a repository and click Edit to edit the path to it.
The path to the default repository $(PVLIB_HOME)/etc/sglib.sgrepo is not editable.
Select a repository and click Remove to exclude the selected repository from new projects. This does not affect the repository itself.
The default repository $(PVLIB_HOME)/etc/sglib.sgrepo is not deletable.
File checkboxes
Check to automatically include the repository in new projects. Clear to prevent automatic inclusion, but to keep the path to the repository available.
Use the Up and Down buttons to change the order of repositories. File processing follows the repository order.
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