4.19.1 Project top-level settings

This part of the dialog sets the project build options.

Figure 4-41 Project Settings dialog
Project Settings dialog

Top level component
  • Enter a name into the Top Level Component edit box.
  • Click Use Current to set the component in the workspace as the top component.
  • Click Select From List to open a dialog and select any component in the system.
  • Select an entry from the drop-down list to use an existing configuration.
  • Click Add New to create a new configuration. A dialog prompts for the name and a description. Use Copy values from to select a configuration to copy the settings values from. This can be an existing configuration or a default set of configuration settings.
  • Click Delete to delete the selected configuration from the list.
The values default to those of the active configuration.
Selecting a configuration in this dialog does not set the configuration in the Select Active Project Configuration drop-down box on the main window. System Canvas stores the configuration set in this dialog in the project file, to use if you specify it for a build. You can use this control to specify all of the configurations for a project, to simplify switching active configurations.


If you build systems on Microsoft Windows workstations, other Microsoft Windows workstations need the matching support libraries to run the systems:
Debug builds
Microsoft Visual Studio.
Release builds
Microsoft Visual Studio redistributable package.
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