4.19.4 Project file contents

Project files describe the settings for each platform and the required files to build models.

System Generator generates the project file from the specified configuration options. File and directory names can be either absolute or relative to the project or repository file. You can use environment variables in filenames.
File or directory entries in project files can include filters to specify the following build options:
Host platform
32-bit Linux.
32-bit Microsoft Windows release.
32-bit debug.
64-bit release.
64-bit debug.
Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SP1.
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 SP1.
The first gcc version in the Linux search path.
GCC 4.1.2 or higher.
GCC 4.4.4 or higher.
GCC 4.6.3 or higher.


For Linux, the compiler version only affects the files that the project file and repositories identify. It does not select the gcc version that builds the model. The System Generator always uses the first gcc found in the search path. To enable the System Generator to automatically select the libraries that match the current gcc compiler, use the compiler option gcc.
Process the file as a LISA file. This action is not applicable to directories.
Process the file as a C++ file. If acting on a directory, the compiler compiles all *.c, *.cpp, and *.cxx files in the directory.
Exclude the file or directory from the build and deploy process, such as a disabled file or project notes.
Link the file with existing files. If acting on a directory on Microsoft Windows, System Generator adds all *.lib and *.obj files in the directory to the linker input. On Linux, it adds all *.a and *.o files.
Produce a deployable file. If acting on a directory, System Generator copies the entire directory and its subdirectories to the destination. This is the only action that acts recursively on subdirectories.
Include the directory in the list of include search paths specified by the -I option for the compiler. This is the default action for directories.
Include the directory in the list of library search paths specified by the -L option for the compiler. This is the default action for directories.
The build options for the file or directory entries are not case sensitive.
For example, the my_file.lib file can specify host, compiler, and action as:
path = my_file.lib, platform="WIN32"|"Win32D", compiler="VC2010", action="link"|"deploy";
Do not OR the compiler options together. Instead, omit them to permit more than one compiler:
path = ../src/my_windows_code.cpp, platform = "win32";
File entries in the project file can have a compiler filter in addition to the platform and action filters:
path = ../lib/release_2008/my_lib.lib, platform = "win32", compiler="VC2008";
path = ../lib/my_lib.lib, platform = "win32", compiler="VC2010";
path = ../src/my_windows_code.cpp, platform = "win32"; // permitting both compilers
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