4.22 Self Port dialog

Use this dialog to add a port to the top-level component.

To display the dialog, without having anything selected in the Block Diagram view, click Add Ports, or click Add Port from the Object menu.
Figure 4-53 Self Port dialog
Self Port dialog

Instance name
The name of the port.
Array size
The number of ports, for a port array. Leave the box empty, or enter 1, for normal ports.
The name of the protocol for the port. To display a list of protocols, click Select....
Master port or Slave Port.
  • Addressable for bus ports.
  • Internal for ports between subcomponents. The port is not visible if the component is added to a system.
Create LISA method templates according to selected protocol
Select an option from the drop-down list to create implementation templates for methods, or behaviors, for the selected protocol:
  • Do not create method templates.
  • Create only required methods. This is the default.
  • Create all methods, including optional behaviors.
This creates only methods corresponding to the selected port type, that is, for either master or slave.
Editing the existing port might create new methods, but does not delete existing methods.
Mirror port image
Reverse the direction of the port image.
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