5.5.1 About example systems

The examples show how to set up and modify systems.

The installer includes the examples with the Fast Models Portfolio, and places them in $PVLIB_HOME/examples/SystemCExport.
The examples use the AMBA-PV protocol and the components provided with the Fast Models Portfolio. The SystemC TLM AMBA-PV API is in the Fast Models package, in $MAXCORE_HOME/AMBA-PV.


The examples assume:
  • main.cpp is the file that instantiates the EVSs, in addition to other SystemC components.
  • MySubsystem is the name of the top level component of the Fast Models subsystem.
  • AConfig is the build configuration name, for example, Linux-Release-GCC-4.1.
To export your own subsystem, replace these names with those appropriate for your platform.
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