5.6.7 scx::scx_set_parameter

This function sets the value of a parameter from components present in EVSs or from plug-ins.

  • bool scx_set_parameter(const std::string &name, const std::string &value);
  • template<class T>
    bool scx_set_parameter(const std::string &name, T value);
the name of the parameter to change. The parameter name must start with an EVS instance name for setting a parameter on this EVS, or with "*" for setting a parameter on all EVSs in the platform, or with a plug-in prefix (defaults to "TRACE") for setting a plug-in parameter.
the value of the parameter.
This function returns true when the parameter exists, false otherwise.


  • Changes made to parameters within System Canvas take precedence over changes made with scx_set_parameter().
  • You can set parameters during the construction phase, and before the elaboration phase. Calls to scx_set_parameter() after the construction phase do nothing.
  • Specify plug-ins before calling the platform parameter functions, so that the plug-ins load and their parameters are available.
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