5.6.11 scx::scx_start_cadi_server

This function specifies whether to start a CADI server.

void scx_start_cadi_server(bool start = true, bool run = true, bool debug = false);
true to start a CADI server, false otherwise.
true to run the simulation immediately after CADI server has been started, false otherwise.
true to enable debugging through a plug-in, false otherwise.
Starting a CADI server enables the attachment of a debugger to debug targets in the simulation.
When debug is set to true, the CADI server does not start, but a plug-in can implement an alternative debugging mechanism in place of it.
When start is set to true, it overrides debug.


  • A CADI server cannot start once simulation starts.
  • You do not need to call this function if you have called scx_parse_and_configure() and parsed at most one of -S or -D into sc_main().
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