Connecting to a running Model Shell process using Model Debugger

How to connect to a running model with Model Debugger.


  1. In Model Debugger, select File > Connect to Model.
  2. The Connect Remote dialog appears.
    Figure A-1 Model Debugger Connect remote dialog
    Model Debugger Connect remote dialog

  3. Select the entry for the EB FVP, and click Connect. The Select Target dialog appears.
    Figure A-2 Model Debugger Select Targets dialog
    Model Debugger Select Targets dialog

  4. Choose the targets to load. The default is the ARM processor in your EB FVP, which you must load. Click OK. Model Debugger prompts you to load an application (image) to the model with the Load Application dialog.
  5. Select the application image and click Open. You can now control and debug the model using Model Debugger. You can make multiple debugger connections to a single model instance.


To shut down the model, return to the command window that you used to start the model and press Ctrl+C to stop the CADI server. The Model Shell process must be in the foreground before you can shut it down.
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