Configuring the system from Model Debugger

How to define instantiation-time parameters.

When you load a model in Model Debugger, the Configure Model Parameters dialog appears.
Figure A-3 Configure Model Parameters dialog
Configure Model Parameters dialog

To view the configuration parameters:


  1. Click Category View to expand the tree view in the left-hand Parameter category pane.
  2. Select a component in the list, for example cluster, to highlight the parameter category to modify.
  3. In the right-hand pane, select or deselect check boxes for Boolean parameters or enter data such as strings or addresses in fields.
    Hovering the mouse pointer over a parameter shows a description of the parameter and its default value.
    You can change the numeric display from the default hexadecimal to decimal by deselecting the Hexadecimal display for numeric values box in the lower left corner.
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