C.2 SimGen command-line options

System Generator (SimGen) options, short forms, and descriptions.

Table C-1 SimGen command-line options

Option Short form Description
--build -b Build targets.
--clean -C Clean targets.
--configuration NAME - The name for the configuration.
--define SYMBOL -D
Define preprocessor SYMBOL. You can also use SYMBOL=DEF.
--disable-warning NUM -
Disable warning number NUM.
This overrides the --warning-level LEVEL option.
--enable-warning NUM -
Enable warning number NUM.
This overrides the --warning-level LEVEL option.
--gcc-path PATH - Under Linux, the GCC C++ compiler that builds the model. Passes the full path of the chosen g++ executable to SimGen. Match this GCC version to the GCC version in the model configuration. By default, SimGen uses the g++ in the search path.
--help -h Print help message with a list of command-line options then exit.
--include INC_PATH -I Add include path INC_PATH.
--num-build-cpus NUM - The number of processors used during build.
--num-comps-file NUM -
The number of components generated into one file.
--project-file FILENAME -p SimGen project file FILENAME.
--verbose ARG -v
Verbosity. ARG can be: on, sparse (default), off.
--warning-level LEVEL -w Warning level LEVEL.
--warnings-as-errors - Treat LISA parsing and compiler warnings as errors.
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