C.3.1 num-comps-file and compilation time

The num-comps-file option specifies how many components SimGen places into each C++ file. The default is 1, when SimGen places each component in a separate C++ file, along with generic code. This value may save compilation time during development. A high setting may save compilation time for final builds.

Increasing the value of num-comps-file increases the number of components that SimGen places in each C++ file. This reduces the total amount of generic code, so that the total time to compile the whole project is less. For example, if you increase num-comps-file to a high setting of 1000, then the first 1000 components go into the first file, the second 1000 components go into the second file, and so on until all components are in files.
For development work, where you frequently modify the source, setting num-comps-file to 1 can reduce the compilation time after each change, because SimGen recompiles only the changed file.


Large systems might be larger than the compiler can place in one C++ file. In such cases, increase the value of num-comps-file.
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