1.2.6. Types

MxScript supports the following types:


Integers are represented as 64 bit signed values, so numbers between -9223372036854775808 and +9223372036854775807 can be represented.


Doubles are represented as 64 bit signed values consisting of a mantissa and exponent. Doubles are represented as floating-point numbers.


Boolean variables can only have the value true or false.


Strings are sequences of ASCII characters. String size is only limited by available memory and can contain more characters than any practical application could require.

Variable definitions

A variable definition consists of a type and a list of identifiers that are not already in use for the current scope. The identifiers must not be keywords and must not be the names of functions predefined by the MxScript environment.

The scope for a variable is either:


The scope is limited by a surrounding block of curly braces or by being declared inside a for loop. A block of code uses the variable definition that is in the innermost definition. This is the same scope as for C.


A variable is global if it is on the top level.

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