3.5.7. memLoadFromFile()

int memLoadFromFile(string filename, bool isASCIIMode, string memspace,
                    int startAddress, int endAddress)

Read data from the file filename and write to memory space memspace starting at address startAddress and stop when address endAddress or the end of the file is reached. The parameter endAddress is optional, if omitted the memory space max address is used. The file format can be either binary or ASCII. The value of isASCIIMode must be True for ASCII file format and False for binary.

If no memory space with the name memspace exists, then a run-time error occurs. The size of the access is determined by the Minimum Addressable Unit (MAU) size defined for that memory space. The MAU is the size of one memory word.

Valid values for the memspace parameter are “Normal” and “Secure”.

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