3.1.2. Changes required to your Fast Models project

In System Canvas, you must configure your project so that any imported C++ object header files can be located. Open the Projects Settings dialog shown in Figure 3.2 by clicking Project → Project Settings. Add the path to your C++ header files in the Include Directories field in the Compiler parameter category. For more information on using System Canvas, see the Fast Model Tools User Guide.

Figure 3.2. System Canvas Project Settings dialog

System Canvas Project Settings dialog

You must also include a path to the library file that contains your C++ object. Click Project → Add Files... to open the Add Files dialog. See Figure 3.3. Change the File Type to Library and Object Files (*.lib; *.obj) and locate your C++ object. Click Open to add the object to your Fast Models project.

Figure 3.3. System Canvas Add Files dialog

System Canvas Add Files dialog

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