2.8. Properties section

The properties section of a component describes the properties of the component such as, for example, version or component type.

Some properties might only be relevant for a specific tool.

Example 2.32 shows the syntax of the properties section:

Example 2.32. Properties section

component MyComponent
        version = “1.1.1”;
        component_type = “Memory”;
        description = “my component”;

Table 2.6 lists the supported properties.

Table 2.6. Property values

Property Default Description
component_type ""A string describing the type of component. This can be "Core", "Bus", "Memory" or any free-form text.
component_name ""A string containing the name of component.
default_viewautoDetermines what is displayed if a component is opened in System Canvas. This can be either the block diagram (auto) or a source view (source).
description ""This is a description of the component.

Filename or http link for the component documentation.

For filenames, the path can be absolute or relative to the LISA+ file for the component. Supported file formats are pdf, txt, and html. Filenames can contain the * and ? wildcards.

executes_software0 (1 for operation.main)This Boolean property indicates that the component executes software and that application files can be loaded into this type of component.
has_cadi 1If set to 1 (true), a CADI interface is generated for this component that enables connection of the target with a CADI compliant debugger. If set to 0 no CADI interface is generated for this component.
hidden0If set to 1 (true), the component is hidden. A hidden component is not shown in the System Canvas component list and cannot be added to a block diagram.
icon_file ""File containing component's logo in xpm format. This icon is displayed in the System Canvas block diagram editor. The path is relative to the LISA+ file.
is_single_stepped 0

This property must be set to 0 (false) for systems that use the batch scheduler, that is, for systems that contain CT cores.

The property must be set to 1 for simulation-cycle-based systems, that is, systems that must have behavior step called on every simulation cycle. Be aware that such systems are not necessarily cycle-accurate.


Because this is a property of the whole system, this property is only significant for the top-level component of a system.

license_feature "" License feature string required to run a virtual platform model that contains this component. This string must be present in the license file for the model.
loadfile_extension "" Application filename extension for this target. Example: ".elf" or ".elf;*.hex"
small_icon_file ""File containing icon shown in System Canvas list view. The component is displayed as a 12x12 pixel icon. The path is relative to the LISA+ file.
version "1.0" This is the version number of the component.

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