4.3.1. Properties for SystemC export

The properties sc_slave_base_class_name, sc_slave_export_class_name and sc_master_port_class_name are only used if exporting a System Canvas generated system to SystemC.

These properties only appear in protocols that are specifically designed to declare SystemC ports in the top level component of the system that is to be exported to SystemC. They describe the mapping from System Canvas ports to the SystemC port classes. There is an Appendix on SystemC export in a separate book. See the System Canvas for Fast Models User Guide.

They are ignored if a port of this protocol is instantiated and is not in the top level component of a system or if no SystemC component is generated.

If a SystemC component is generated but the ports of protocols in the top level component do not have these properties set, the ports are ignored and a warning is issued.

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