LISA+ Language for Fast Models Reference Manual

Version 8.0

Table of Contents

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1. Introduction
1.1. General overview
1.1.1. Design methodology
2. Components
2.1. About components
2.1.1. Integer types and state variables
2.1.2. Using the message() function for debugging
2.2. Resources section
2.2.1. Plain C/C++ variable declarations
2.2.2. Annotated resources
2.2.3. Registers
2.2.4. Memory
2.2.5. Parameters
2.2.6. Accessing resources
2.2.7. Obsolete resources constructs
2.3. Includes section
2.4. Composition section
2.4.1. Overriding component parameter attributes
2.5. Behavior sections
2.5.1. Special-purpose behaviors
2.5.2. Hierarchical behavior of special-purpose behaviors
2.5.3. Controlling simulation from behaviors
2.5.4. LISA+ language elements in behaviors
2.5.5. Scope
2.6. Port declarations
2.6.1. Master, slave, and internal ports
2.6.2. Addressable ports
2.6.3. Port arrays
2.6.4. Internal ports
2.7. Connection section
2.7.1. Hierarchy in port connections
2.7.2. Port array connections
2.7.3. Addressable port arrays
2.8. Properties section
2.9. Debug section
2.10. Parameter Export List
3. Communication with C++ Code
3.1. Accessing C++ constructs from LISA+
3.1.1. Changes required to your source code
3.1.2. Changes required to your Fast Models project
3.1.3. LISA+ example
3.2. Calling LISA+ behaviors from C++ code
3.2.1. Importing models with callbacks
3.2.2. getAbstractInterface()
3.2.3. Abstract interface header file
3.3. Importing third party models
4. Protocols
4.1. About protocols
4.2. Includes section
4.3. Properties section
4.3.1. Properties for SystemC export
4.4. Behavior prototypes
4.4.1. Syntax
4.4.2. Attributes
4.4.3. ADDRESS arguments
A. Preprocessor
A.1. Scope
A.1.1. LISA+ top-level code
A.1.2. Includes section and resources section code
A.1.3. Behavior code
A.1.4. Restrictions on top-level LISA
A.2. Predefined symbols and macros
A.3. Preprocessor statements

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