3.25 Precompiled Header (PCH) file creation requirements

A PCH file is produced only if the header stop point and the code preceding it, mainly the header files, meet specific requirements.

These requirements are as follows:
  • The header stop point must appear at file scope. It must not be within an unclosed scope established by a header file. For example, a PCH file is not created in this case:
    // xxx.h
    class A
        // xxx.c
        #include "xxx.h"
        int i;
  • The header stop point must not be inside a declaration that is started within a header file. Also, in C++, it must not be part of a declaration list of a linkage specification. For example, in the following case the header stop point is int, but because it is not the start of a new declaration, no PCH file is created:
    // yyy.h
    // yyy.c
    #include "yyy.h"
    int i; 
  • The header stop point must not be inside a #if block or a #define that is started within a header file.
  • The processing that precedes the header stop point must not have produced any errors.


    Warnings and other diagnostics are not reproduced when the PCH file is reused.
  • No references to predefined macros __DATE__ or __TIME__ must appear.
  • No instances of the #line preprocessing directive must appear.
  • #pragma no_pch must not appear.
  • The code preceding the header stop point must have introduced a sufficient number of declarations to justify the overhead associated with precompiled headers.
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