1.3 ISO C90

The compiler compiles ISO C90 C and also supports ARM extensions to ISO C90.

The compiler compiles C as defined by the 1990 C standard and addenda:
  • ISO/IEC 9899:1990. The 1990 International Standard for C.
  • ISO/IEC 9899 AM1. The 1995 Normative Addendum 1, adding international character support through wchar.h and wtype.h.
The compiler also supports several extensions to ISO C90.
Throughout this document, the term:
Means ISO C90, together with the ARM extensions.
Use the compiler option --c90 to compile C90 code. This is the default.
Strict C90
Means C as defined by the 1990 C standard and addenda.
Use the compiler options --C90 --strict to enforce strict C90 code. Since C90 is the default, you could omit --C90.
Standard C
Means C90 or C99 as appropriate.
Means any of C90, strict C90, C99, strict C99, and Standard C.
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