9.57 Variable attributes

The __attribute__ keyword enables you to specify special attributes of variables or structure fields, functions, and types.

The keyword format is either of the following:
__attribute__((attribute1, attribute2, ...))
__attribute__((__attribute1__, __attribute2__, ...))
For example:
void * Function_Attributes_malloc_0(int b) __attribute__((malloc));
static int b __attribute__((__unused__));
The following table summarizes the available variable attributes.

Table 9-5 Variable attributes that the compiler supports, and their equivalents

Variable attribute Non-attribute equivalent
__attribute__((alias)) -
__attribute__((at(address))) -
__attribute__((aligned)) -
__attribute__((deprecated)) -
__attribute__((packed)) -
__attribute__((section("name"))) -
__attribute__((unused)) -
__attribute__((used)) -
__attribute__((visibility("visibility_type"))) -
__attribute__((weak)) __weak
__attribute__((zeroinit)) -
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