9.5 __asm

This keyword passes information from the compiler to the ARM assembler armasm.

The precise action of this keyword depends on its usage.


Embedded assembly
The __asm keyword can declare or define an embedded assembly function. For example:
__asm void my_strcpy(const char *src, char *dst);
Inline assembly
The __asm keyword can incorporate inline assembly into a function. For example:
int qadd(int i, int j)
    int res;
        QADD   res, i, j
    return res;
Assembly labels
The __asm keyword can specify an assembly label for a C symbol. For example:
int count __asm__("count_v1"); // export count_v1, not count
Named register variables
The __asm keyword can declare a named register variable. For example:
register int foo __asm("r0");
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