9.101 Instruction intrinsics

This topic describes instruction intrinsics for realizing ARM machine language instructions from C or C++ code.

The following table summarizes the available intrinsics.

Table 9-7 Instruction intrinsics that the ARM compiler supports

Instruction intrinsics
__breakpoint __ldrt __schedule_barrier
__cdp __memory_changed __semihost
__clrex __nop __sev
__clz __pld __sqrt
__current_pc __pldw __sqrtf
__current_sp __pli __ssat
__disable_fiq __promise __strex
__disable_irq __qadd __strexd
__enable_fiq __qdbl __strt
__enable_irq __qsub __swp
__fabs __rbit __usat
__fabsf __rev __wfe
__force_stores __return_address __wfi
__ldrex __ror __yield
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