12.61 __uxtb16 intrinsic

This intrinsic inserts a UXTB16 instruction into the instruction stream generated by the compiler.

It enables you to extract two 8-bit values from an operand and zero-extend them to 16 bits each.


unsigned int __uxtb16(unsigned int val)
Where val[7:0] and val[23:16] hold the two 8-bit values to be zero-extended.

Return value

The __uxtb16 intrinsic returns the 8-bit values zero-extended to 16-bit values.


unsigned int zero_extend(unsigned int val)
    unsigned int res;
    res = __uxtb16(val1,val2); /* res[15:0] = ZeroExtended(val[7:0])
                                  res[31:16] = ZeroExtended(val[23:16])
    return res;
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