11.12 SYS_GET_CMDLINE (0x15)

Returns the command line used for the call to the executable, that is, argc and argv.


On entry, R1 points to a two-word data block to be used for returning the command string and its length:
word 1
a pointer to a buffer of at least the size specified in word two
word 2
the length of the buffer in bytes.


On exit:
  • Register R1 points to a two-word data block:The debug agent might impose limits on the maximum length of the string that can be transferred. However, the agent must be able to transfer a command line of at least 80 bytes.
    word 1
    a pointer to null-terminated string of the command line
    word 2
    the length of the string.
  • Register R0 contains an error code:
    • 0 if the call is successful
    • –1 if the call is not successful, for example, because of a communications error.
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